Kos v. Clintons

Kos likes to think that he and his friends are the future of progressivism. However, the Clintons appear to know what it takes to get elected. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

Moderate Democrats trying to get back into a debate now dominated by liberals offered yesterday what they hope is a centrist path back to the White House, showcasing potential presidential candidates and unveiling a Hillary Clinton-produced “American Dream Initiative” designed to appeal to the middle class.

The occasion was the annual meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council, a centrist group that propelled Bill Clinton to the presidency and has been long favored by the party’s officeholders from states that lean Republican.


To help the middle class, [Sen. Clinton] proposed programs to control college tuition costs, increase personal savings, cut corporate subsidies, reduce spending on government contracts and increase accountability on pension funds. Borrowing an idea from Britain, she proposed “baby bonds” – giving a $500 savings bond to each of the 4 million children born every year in the United States, with another $500 bond at age 10, in an effort to increase savings.

However, Kos was not impressed:

“Dead on arrival,” pronounced Markos Moulitsas, whose blog, Daily Kos, is wildly popular among progressives.

Personally, I like the “baby bonds” idea. I remember Rep. Harold Ford (D) of Tennessee — and others — offered a similar proposal a few years ago. I could think of worse uses of $2 billion than baby bonds.

The divide among Democrats is a welcome surprise. However, unfortunately for Kos, the Clintons know how to play the moderate card and understand the American public better than the leading liberal blogger.

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34 responses to “Kos v. Clintons

  1. “Kos likes to think that he and his friends are the future of progressivism.”

    They do like to think they are progressive. And they like to think they are the future.

    If they REALLY ‘liked to think’, they wouldn’t be quite so self-delusional. Still, it’s hard NOT to watch a car wreck on the highway.

  2. So…let’s see. The government taxes us, takes a cut, and gives back a $500 tip for having a baby.

    Please. This idea is moronic.

  3. I would dearly like to see the Democratic Party move back to the center, if only to save itself and the two-party system. But not enough to vote for a Clinton in 2008.

  4. I love this idea. The comedic possibilities, nay certainties, for fraud will keep me entertained for decades.

  5. KOS has, to date, a perfect record in supporting candidates….never a win!
    Let us all hope that the Lieberman, “KOS last-best hope”, is not the first. If the Kossacks fail to deliver Lieberman’s head they lose completely….If they manage to defeat Lieberman and he then, as anticipated, beats them as a Liberal, they lose.

    Sounds like another win-win for those not in the KOS Kamp.


  6. duh…..last should read “defeat them as an independent”


  7. As a Tradesports blogger, I would say that Kos is not as accurate a predictor of elections as information markets have been. Here’s a sample article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6281086/

    Much more at my blog, Caveat Bettor.

  8. “To help the middle class, [Sen. Clinton] proposed programs to control college tuition costs, increase personal savings, cut corporate subsidies, reduce spending on government contracts and increase accountability on pension funds.”

    This flies in the face two basic realities:
    1. The middle class does not perceive that they are doing badly, and the only way to perhaps convince them will be to continue being relentlessly negative about the prospects of the entire country, something which is steadily becoming less credible and more tiresome.
    2. Americans are coming around to the understanding that without a plan and a will to defeat Islamic terror, nothing else is very important.

    In other words, Americans want to see themselves as powerful and successful, and using that energy to lead the world to a better tomorrow, not obsessing over how to make their own very comfortable lives a bit better. In that way, Americans are just bigger than the Dems give them credit for.

    And if the Dems can’t articulate a position on the war on terror that is both victory-oriented and believably superior to Bush’s, then they are dead in the water. That they aren’t even trying to do so is the best indication that they can’t.

  9. Remember, Clinton is not really a Centrist, she wants to run as a Centrist. Once elected she and Koz would be in complete agreement.

  10. duh…..last should read “defeat them as an independent”

    Is there such thing as a liberal independent? Imagine if Lieberman switched to the Republican Party.

    I never (or almost never) vote Democrat, but I would definitely vote for Joe Lieberman if I lived in Connecticut. I like Lieberman. He is honest and has integrity. He actually cares about the safety of Americans. His first priority is not his power, unlike many in his party.

    Obviously, these are traits that the KOS (Kooks on Steroids) readers despise. They prefer angry rhetoric through mob rule, to advance their socialist agenda.

    KOS has a record of losing. I prefer KOS to stay exactly the same as they have currently been. This makes it that much easier for good leaders to prevail over kook socialist leftists.

    Lieberman is a liberal, and I am not on most issues. However, I prefer honesty over ideology. In fact, honesty is my ideology; honesty is the best policy –as they say.

    KOS is a wacko! And never, I repeat never, ever, disagree with the kooks on Daily KOS at Daily KOS. Their motto is to kill the messenger, not the message. They are true S.O.B.s who do not want to debate. They want to rule.

  11. The divide among Dems’ is that the most recognizable personalities are from the far left and these people are un-electable (ie; Howard Dean, John Kerry, Hillary, Kennedy) in national elctions due to their polarizing nature. These are the people that get headlines and set the agenda and tone nationally for the Dems………..hence our current one party system.

  12. Occam’s Beard: compared to Social Security this is *how* moronic? And Dems don’t seem to want to do much about SS except to ignore its problems. Actually, provided that parents and kids weren’t allowed to cash the bonds in for some certain amount of time might be useful. $500 @ 4% (tax-free, I presume) would be $1000 at age 18 (rule of 72).

    $2B is, what, .0001% of the current federal budget? Hell, Ted Kennedy probably wastes more than on spilled bourbon.

  13. Maybe the Dem presidential contenders for 2008 could get together in a group, wear their cardigans and repeat ,in chorus, Jimmy Carter’s speech in which he said America was suffering a malaise and we needed to learn to live with less. It certainly worked for him, didn’t it?

  14. As a long time (40 years) recovering Democrat, I never saw the party in such disaray, and it pleases me to no end. Kos and his Kidz are a conservative’s dream. The noiser they are, the easier it becomes to see what their lunatic concept of “progressive” is all about.

  15. When Joe wins, and Hill takes the lead for the nomination, what will the Kossaks do? What will they do?

  16. I wonder if the Baby Bonds will be accompanied by the bill for the national debt?

    “Welcome to the world, kid. Here’s $500. Now grow up and get to work, because you owe $20,000 for stuff we promised to others a long time ago.”

  17. Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan & Cong. Maxine Waters…..
    Cong. Maxine Waters & Ned Lamont……cool photo……..
    Ned Lamont will be know by the anti-semitic company he campaigns with……
    If ‘Joe’ was a WASP his seat would be safe…..
    Look at Kos-land, the left is more openly anti-semitic everyday……
    and it shows.

  18. On my blog I have a post dissecting this and other proposals in the American dream initiative

  19. love it – hand out bonds with no initial cost, and by the time they mature, it will be the taxes of the children themselves that pay for them.

    stealing from the children to purchase their parents’ votes – brilliant!

  20. Look at Kos-land, the left is more openly anti-semitic everyday……
    and it shows.

    Or…look at Europe, especially France and Spain; both hardcore leftist.

    I do not think that it is a big mystery that the left hates the Jew, and the Christian. For some reason, though they seem to have no problem with radical Islam. Go figure. They also seem to have little or no problem with communism either.

    Both, the ideologies of radical Islam and communism, seem to have a strange communion. What’s up with that? Could it be that the hatred for Jews and Christians has something to do with this?

    Food for thought.

  21. “Kos likes to think that he and his friends are the future of progressivism.”

    I’d like to think that, too. Their hostility and radicalism increasing and being more open – the quick route to discrediting, irrelevancy, powerlessness, and making their opponents look good by comparison.

  22. I give Hillary credit for standing up to the Moonbats on the war. She has been a hard-working Senator, as well–not just a jerk who phones it in, like Kerry.

    I would prefer a less liberal candidate myself. But I would also like to see a return to a healthy two-party system.

    There have been some great Democrats. Truman. Roosevelt. Henry Jackson. Hubert Humphrey. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. We need more like these.

  23. Yes we do need great leaders.

    check out my blog at

  24. I’m no apologist for Kos, but isn’t it possible that the American public is more liberal than anyone thinks? Or at least on some important issues? In the 2004 election this liberal swath did not vote; they had no candidate. As for Clinton–baby bonds, indeed–she’s pandering to a mythical middle.

    And besides Kos ain’t that liberal.

  25. More smoke and mirrors deception from the Clintons.

    These ideas are a joke…just a way of achieving objectives through back end policies that otherwise could not be enacted. Hillary Clinton is a socialist, wealth-redistributionist’s dream.

    Of course, she conveniently leaves out the cost of these items to the taxpayers.

    The Clintons specialize in image but no substance. This is no different.

    Actually, what the Clintons specialize in is deception of the American public. This is no different.

  26. biomedlog,
    to quote our friends at Wikipedia, “The Central Limit Theorem which states that if the sum of the variables has a finite variance, then it will be approximately normally distributed.” And as the normal distribution is a foundation of natural and behavioral sciences, a quick glance at any bell curve reminds us there is most definitely a middle. And 50/50 votes on presidential elections demonstrate campaigns run by pollsters know exactly where the middle is, unlike the fruitroots at dKos.

    The question is whether Kos is one or two standard deviations from the mean. His losing track record suggests it is closer to the latter. When Kos starts winning, or providing political advice that helps other Dems win, then I will believe he understands the American voter. Until then, all we know for sure is he is the king of his echo chamber.

  27. Hmm. These are the people who opposed Social Security reform with all they had.

    The important component of the people, for election purposes, isn’t progressive or conservative. They swing back and forth, based on a bunch of contradictions. Anybody who understands how Social Security works can see that it’s not that different from a Ponzi scheme. It’s a defined benefit plan like the ones that are driving major corporations bankrupt because they can make the payments.

    Why would anyone with any sense prefer the party that won’t touch this obviously ticking time bomb? Because they see it as their personal entitlement. This is what is called progressive.

  28. We are going to break digg, so check out the blog and see if you want to be part of Webreakdigg.

  29. Pooh. The media overestimates the power of Kos and other “bloggers” to affect electoral outcomes. We, as bloggers, of course are going to agree and enter the discussion as if Kos or HuffPo or InstaReynolds have real effect. Right now, the Net is only significant as a fund raising tool, and I think that’s for reasons of usability.

    Double Pooh. The DLC has won how many Presidential elections? Two. With Bill Clinton, a man who could probably win in Tehran. They’re effective at raising money, but totally out of touch with electoral politics. Another thing about the DLC, whenever their centrist candidate looses, they stab him in the back, talking about how they “ran too far to the left.” Please.

    The (Alleged) Power of Kos is a symptom of base member dissatisfaction w/in the party, not the cause.

  30. Looks like my early posting didn’t make much sense to many! Apologies.

  31. What cracks me up about all you political experts (*snort*) is that the “center” has moved along with the right as the GOP got taken over by the Religious Right. All Kos and the rest of the “moonbats” want to do move the center back the other way, and maybe restore reasonable government again — instead of government of, by, and for the Church and the corporations.

    Your “center” is still the right for most Americans, and your inability to see that obvious reality is why the Republicans will be taken apart in ’06 & ’08. Democrats can’t get elected, Republicans can’t govern, the old truism goes — so the country will finally wise up and elect Democrats. Enjoy.

  32. For all our sakes, Theo, I hope you’re right.

  33. Apparently buying votes isn’t illegal any more.

  34. A few questions from a blog idiot

    How do you keep the spammers from eating you alive? i\’ve seen blogs with nothing but spam postings.

    How do you keep some left wing extremist from posting racist or defamatory rhetoric? and if you cant stop them, what are you legally liabel when they do?

    can viruses be posted to blogs?

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