Monthly Archives: August 2006

Free to Choose, part 9

The ninth installment of Free to Choose is entitled “How to Cure Inflation”.

Milton Friedman Podcast

Russ Roberts of George Mason University discusses inflation, the Fed, and other topics with Milton Friedman.

Free to Choose, Part 8

It is Friday and that means it is time for another installment of Milton Friedman’s series entitled Free to Choose. Part 8 is entitled “Who Protects the Worker?”

Free to Choose, Part 7

Homework for the weekend. Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose, part 7 entitled “Who Protects the Consumer?”

Free to Choose, part 6

It’s Friday and thus here is the latest installment of Free to Choose, entitled “What’s Wrong With Our Schools”

Free to Choose, part 5

Homework. This is part 5 of Milton Friedman’s series Free to Choose entitled “Created Equal”.