Becker on Health Care Reform

Gary Becker has written an excellent post on health care reform:

Health care reform in the United States is receiving lots of attention recently from politicians and the media, and major changes in federal as well as state health law are likely. In thinking about reforms it is crucial to recognize that the American system has many strong features that should be preserved, such as the predominant role of private physicians, private hospitals, and private HMO’s that compete against each other for patients and health care dollars.

2 responses to “Becker on Health Care Reform

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  2. It’s a good article. In thinking about the economics of health care reform, it’s also worth thinking about what we mean by “universal coverage” (the battle cry for most reform proposals) and how that differs from “universal access to health care”). I refer to an article on this subject that appeared in the LA Times in my blog ( The key message is that single payer systems cover everyone, but also tend to deny them access to care through waiting lists.

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