Not So Misguided Economists

Our friend JC Bradbury of Sabernomics responds to the Freakonomics criticism:

Economists most certainly should study important questions. I’ve done plenty of research on topics that have nothing to do with sports—all with more relevant real-world applications—yet that shouldn’t stop me from studying puzzles that intrigue me as an economist. An unanswered puzzle, means there is something about the world that we can’t properly explain. The answer might yield only the acquisition of knowledge about this subject, or it might have indirect applications that can help us solve more important problems….

Read the whole thing.

2 responses to “Not So Misguided Economists

  1. One thing that a lot of economists don’t account for is the fact that a lot of people are doing interesting work on the important questions, but it is hard for that work to get accepted in the top journals because the approaches are not from the (insert big name) schools.

    Therefore, it makes sense for economists to focus on other questions and applications to non-standard topics.

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