Cartoon of the Day

HT: Don Boudreaux

3 responses to “Cartoon of the Day

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  3. What’s not right is this:-

    – People did usually live a lot longer (the caption is wrong).

    – Even so life expectancy was less than ours. However, it was broken up very differently. Young men died from wider spread violence, tribal wars and such. Children and the elderly sometimes died from diseases like pneumonia, but only in bad times when the food supply ran short.

    Result: only lower total populations were possible, but people who made it through their teens (most of them) often lived as long as we do. Life expectancies were around fifty or sixty at birth, not thirty.

    Have a look at how the Aleuts coped, providing low effort support systems for their elderly and how they knew that the “strongman” training shortened life.

    The real suffering comes to oppressed peasants, not to subsistence farmers and/or hunter-gatherers.

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