Finding Hayek

In the 33 years since Friedrich Hayek gave his Nobel lecture, economists have become more like mathematicians than philosophers. This would normally be cause for concern amongst Hayekian economists. However, over the last few years, a new medium – one that is Hayekian in spirit — has allowed economists to have the best of both worlds.

That is the topic of my latest essay at TCS Daily.

One response to “Finding Hayek

  1. You smear Hayek with the word “philosophical” — which has zero content, but is instead a stand in for what you don’t understand in Hayek’s work. Hayek _rightly_ viewed himself as doing science — economic science, not some utterly meaningless thing you’ve invented called (I guess) “philosophical economics”. You might as well call Darwinian biology “philosophical biology”. You simply don’t understand empirical content — the scientific content — of economics and economic explanation as developed by Hayek.

    Until you can give content to the meaningless term “philosophical” as you use it, you haven’t said anything about Hayek or the science Hayek developed. You might also be forced to grapple with the true empirical content of economic science — something most economists today seems unable to grasp.

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