Moore Sicko

David Denby writes in The New Yorker:

In each country, Moore interviews doctors who speak proudly of how well their country’s system works. But the candor of these doctors is no more impressive than that of the corporate spokesmen Moore has confronted in the past. No one mentions the delays or the instances of less than first-rate care. We find out that a doctor in Great Britain makes a good income (about two hundred thousand dollars), but not how medical care in, say, Toronto might differ from that in a distant rural area, or how shortages may have affected the quality of Cuban health care. Moore winds up treating the audience the same way that, he says, powerful people treat the weak in America—as dopes easily satisfied with fairy tales and bland reassurances.

UPDATE: Michael Moynihan also highlights Denby’s review and points to pictures that are worth more than 1000 words regarding the Cuban health care system.

One response to “Moore Sicko

  1. I find it to be revealing of a man’s intentions on whether or not they really seek an answer by the breadth and depth of which they search for the truth. Obviously, Moore is not interested.

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