More on the Food Crisis

Tyler Cowen has written an excellent piece in the New York Times about the food crisis. Here is the conclusion:

Lately, it’s become fashionable to assert that, in this time of financial market turmoil, the market-oriented teachings of Milton Friedman belong more to the past than to the future. The sadder truth is that when it comes to food production — arguably the most important of all human activities — Mr. Friedman’s free-trade ideas still haven’t seen the light of day.

Read the whole thing.

One response to “More on the Food Crisis

  1. free food im making gas and free food a freezer full of free food and the gas thing im in college im a welder electrician electrical tech our society is stuck on fertilizer made by natural gas no good george washington carver a genius as was ben franklin but ben had the pox he knew about methane but he was in need of some trim if we make hydrogen we use up water alcoihol use up food if we make methane we make fuel and food we can feed the world read waswhington to jefferson letters then came good old george washington carver but what about starving people my greenhouses solve that problem any size from three feet to one fifty feet bugs destroy all vegetables in my greenhouses there are no bugs heat is the compost it destroyes all viruses carthorogens and pathogens it makes free fuel but its free a word the goverment says is taboo here we go again christopher columbus but its not that simple one process starts another process engine methane gas produces electricity to the grid compresses gas heats house produces hot water re generates more gas but the water in pig shit and chicken shit must be removed for transporting our world may be in a buble like my greenhouse the new world a george jeffersonville vote bamma it rimes with yo mamma

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