Gas Prices

Tim Haab on gas prices:

The real question CNN should ask is: What can you do about $4 gas? There is only one answer. “Drive Less”. You as a consumer have control over your own gas purchases and little over the market price. The choice to drive less may be uncomfortable, but all the whining, crying and shouting for the government to do something will only make the situation worse. Price controls, gas rationing, windfall profit taxes, gas tax holidays…are all bad policies that may make you (and politicians) happier in the short run but will make everyone miserable in the long run. Your solution to high gas prices is to adapt. Drive Less! If the market adjusts, all the better, you’re saving even more money.


2 responses to “Gas Prices

  1. Its true that most of the ideas that are coming out these days are all about the short term. We need long term solutions and behavior changes, not 3 month holidays!

  2. I read that 60% of the cost of gas was due to speculation…and probably food too.

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