Teenagers and the Job Market

The Detroit News reports:

Teen unemployment in Michigan is expected to hit 28 percent this summer, up 2.7 percentage points from last summer

Of the 304,400 students in Michigan ages 16-19 who are expected to be looking for a job, only 219,200 are likely to get one, making the job search an enormous undertaking, experts said. There will be 7,100 more teens 16-19 unemployed this summer than last summer.

To make matters even more difficult, the young, inexperienced workers will be competing with older workers who have been in the work force for many years, but are unemployed now. Michigan’s unemployment rate hit 12.9 percent last month, the highest monthly rate since November 1983, when it hit 13 percent. The state’s jobless rate also was the highest in the nation during April.

Suspiciously, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that the minimum wage was raised to $7.40 per hour this past year.

One response to “Teenagers and the Job Market

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