SEA Update

I had a great time at the SEA meetings in San Antonio. I thought the session went very well. I also had the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics with my fellow panelists.

Looking around the blogosphere, it appears that others enjoyed the session as well. David Beckworth, one of the session participants, writes:

I left the meetings more convinced than ever that a nominal income target would have done a lot to prevent the crisis–in terms of minimizing the buildup of economic imbalances during the 2003-2005 nominal spending boom as well as the late 2008, early 2009 nominal spending collapse–and is the best way forward for U.S. monetary policy given the current institutional arrangements in the United States.

Also, Larry White writes:

The most interesting session I attended at the Southern Economic Assn. meetings over the (weekend + Monday) was on nominal income targeting as the least-bad monetary policy rule for a fiat money regime.

I would like to thank the session participants for their contributions as well as the attendees for thoughtful comments and questions.

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